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  • Bank transfer to the bank c/o BANCA DI CIVIDALE c/c 421167
    intestate to FUN 'N ACTION s.r.l.

    IBAN IT 15Z0548436280069570421167 from abroad BIC CIVI IT2C




  • In consideration of the right of the undersigned participant (hereinafter the "Participant") to participate in the Gallo Camp (hereinafter "CAMP"), the Participant and the parent or guardian of the Participant, with this document, on their own account and on behalf of their direct representatives, heirs and close relatives:

    1) As the participant's parent / guardian and representing his interests, I authorize the Participant to participate in the CAMP.
    2) To relieve the organization from any responsibility deriving from injuries or other during the whole period and all the activities of the Camp to which it gives the assent to participate.
    3) To take charge of the total compensation for any damage caused by the child.
    4) To exempt the organization in the event of a dispute between the insured and the insurance company.
    5) To accept all the organizational provisions relating to the Camp which it declares to know.
    6) Failure to participate in the summer camp of the athlete Danilo Gallinari for problems related to accidents or other causes of force majeure, will not result in failure to conduct the summer camp itself nor the right of the participant to withdraw from this agreement.
    7) I declare and acknowledge that the Participant is in excellent physical health and has no physical limitations that may prevent the Participant from participating in the CAMP.
    8) Pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196 I have been informed about the purposes and methods of processing my personal data, and in particular:
    - that the personal and personal data supplied by me are processed in compliance with the aforementioned law and the confidentiality obligations set forth therein;
    - that the data are processed for institutional purposes, connected or instrumental to the camp, such as filing, processing, participant management and, in particular:
    to. to fulfill legal obligations related to civil, fiscal, accounting, etc. for the purposes of administrative management of established relationships;
    b. to fulfill contractual obligations, technical support and technical information;
    c. to satisfy market surveys, statistics, marketing related to the products / services object of CAMP;
    d. for communication, after expressing a specific consent on the part of Mia, information on future initiatives, announcements of new products, services and offers, by FUN 'N ACTION SRL, of affiliated and / or subsidiaries, commercial partners and outsourcers, by sending e-mails and / or informative material to the indicated address. The sending of e-mails and / or informative material will in no case determine the transfer of personal data to third parties;
    - that the provision of My data is necessary to be able to fulfill the contractual and legal obligations, failing I will not be able to use the services offered and participate in the CAMP.
    - that the commercial information is sent only if the consent is received by me, and that I can always revoke the consent given for this distinct purpose, through the appropriate procedure indicated in the aforementioned commercial communications;
    - that the data:
    - are collected in the database of FUN 'N ACTION S.R.L. and registered so as to allow access only to authorized parties;
    - may be processed, in compliance with the aforementioned purposes, within your organization, or may be disclosed outside the scope:
    to. of associated companies, subsidiaries, affiliates;
    b. of commercial partners (manufacturing companies, suppliers, carriers and shippers, etc.).
    - that each interested party can exercise the rights referred to in art. 7 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196,
    The interested party has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him / her, even if not yet registered, and their communication in intelligible form.
    The data controller is FUN 'N ACTION S.R.L, in the person of the PRESIDENT.
    The processing of data is done by means of computer and paper means suitable for guaranteeing security and confidentiality.
    With reference to the Participant's participation in the CAMP, I fully authorize the released Subjects, without obligation to pay nothing to the Renunciation Subjects, the use of the name, the voice, the declarations, the photographs, the images, d and the portraits of the Participant and of his actions during the CAMP, and I authorize the use of biographical data in any form, whether live or recorded (including, without limitation, any photographic or videotaped representation or other forms of transmission or reproduction), in whole or in part, for promotional, commercial or for any other purpose, forever, all over the world through every means of communication now


  • As the parent or parental authority of the member, read the PRIVACY POLICY , pursuant to ordered by the GDPR 2016/679 / UE, I hereby consent to the processing, according to the methods indicated, of my personal data for the purposes indicated in points a) and b) (purposes related to contractual and legal performance).
    I declare that I have read the above information, I consent to the processing, according to the methods indicated, of my personal data for the purposes indicated in point c) (business-related purposes and statistics).